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We are proud to have you in our speaker line-up. Here are a few dos and donts to make sure you get the max out of your session at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt.


  • Share your experience, not your expertise - people want to know what YOU have LEARNED that you can SHARE
  • Be specific: use case studies or talk about use cases. Case studies are always the best choice and get the most audience engagement.
  • Give actionable insights - you are talking to peers that want to learn from you and take lessons home
  • Focus on the how not so much on the why (for the above reason)
  • Be honest: Your audience knows from their own experience that projects come with challenges. They want to know how you overcome those, not how flawlessly everything went
  • Be creative - use unexpected ways to get across the message
  • Talk to the audience: try to get them engaged by asking them questions, or invite them to ask some in return.


  • Sales pitch. Our data shows that sales pitches get lower ratings from our audience and less engagement (we do reserve the right to reject sessions that are too commercially focused)
  • Overbrand your presentation - stick to the content
  • Talk about products - tell stories instead
  • Get too wordy - your title needs to be catchy and tell people what they can learn
  • Turn this into a PR piece (and if you do, do it the smart way): The best thought leadership comes from insightful presentations, not PR-presentations

Writing your title and session description


Post-show analysis shows us that the audience often chooses to attend a session based on the title alone. It is worth putting some thought into it.

What is my talk about? How can I make it catchy but still sound competent? Who is my audience?  Who do I want to be interested in the talk?

An easy trick is to tell people what they will actually learn from the session. Make it quantifiable. You could use actual numbers, address your audience, ask questions...


Here are some of our favourite titles:

7 Lessons learned from our cloud journey for CIOs

Do you believe in magic?

How to avoid pitfals in your AI strategy

Automatisierung über Nacht? Viel Glück.

AI für den Mittelstand - eine Roadmap

Chatbots - die Zukunft ist jetzt

Strategy, Structure, Governance: Aspects that can make or break your Cloud Journey


Need a hand? 

If you are unsure or need someone to read over your title or synopsis, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help. 

Ivett Odor, Conference Producer:


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