Stephan Ilaender

Stephan Ilaender

Chief Technology Officer, PlusServer
As CTO of plusserver, Stephan Ilaender is responsible for the company's overall technological strategy. After studying computer science, he founded his own company, which exists to this day. He boasts almost 20 years of experience in the hosting industry, specifically in the successful management and implementation of bespoke projects for large enterprises. Prior to his appointment as CTO, Ilaender held the role of Director Managed Solutions and was responsible for developing complex solutions for high availability online shops. He and his teams support customers in transforming their IT infrastructures in terms of digitalisation. This includes the development of a multi-cloud strategy utilizing Amazon Web Services, Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, as well as the implementation of modern technologies for development and deployment based on containers and microservices. One of Ilaender's key approaches is to identify customer workloads which are especially well-suited for orchestrating them as containers via Docker and Kubernetes. He sees it as his mission to support customers in their gradual transition towards a future of serverless computing and digital sovereignty.