Sabine Wilfling

Dr. Sabine Wilfling

Senior Advisory Government Relationship, Scheer Holding
Dr. Sabine Wilfling is Senior Adivisory Government Relationship. She leads the GAIA-X & CATENA-X Business Partnerships & Solutions for Scheer Holding. With over 10 years of solid strategic and operational business consulting experience in cross-industry organizations. Sabine has gained experience in small, flexible environments as well as at the board level of large corporations. She believes in open collaboration for abundance! The shifting into a world of abundance as great chance! The move from the economy of atoms to the economy of bits is disrupting many organizations. Understanding economic scarcity versus abundance in digital transformation will help business leaders, engineers, and other stakeholders unlock new innovation possibilities. She believes that DATA and OPEN COLLABORATION are the raw materials to make innovation happen, scale ideas and boost long-term success of new business models. Her very own "aim for the game": Make more cross sectoral data available, collaborate to stay on top, break up data silos and improve the way of collaborations by sharing knowledge freely in which data is used for tackling social, climate and environmental challenges, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable society.