Mark T. Hofmann

Mark T. Hofmann

Behavioral- & Cyber-Profiling, www.mark-thorben-hofmann.de/en
Mark T. Hofmann is a Business Psychologist and Crime Analyst. He focussed on Behavioral- & Cyber-Profiling and conducted scientific interviews with criminals, psychopaths and hackers to understand the internal perspective. Already at the age of 28 he trained police officers from different countries in Interrogation- and Profiling-Techniques. Today, he is a lecturer for Behavioral & Cyber Psychology, an internationally sought-after Cybersecurity-Speakers and well known expert in his field (60 Minutes Australia, Forbes, Business Insider, CBS, Sony Pictures Television, Discovery Channel). Experience inspiring Keynote Speeches on the Psychology of Cybercrime. His clients include companies of all sizes, global players, government agencies, banks, and NGOs.