Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Mr Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

President, Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V.
Hans-Wilhelm Dünn holds a diploma in administrative sciences from the University in Potsdam. From 2007-2009, he worked as a Personal Assistant to the Minister’s Office of Economic Affairs and the Deputy Minister-President of the Federal State of Brandenburg, who was also Chairman of the German Federal Network Agency. From 2009 – 2010, he was a board member of the Potsdam municipal energy supplier (Energie and Wasser Potsdam GmbH). From 2010-2012, he was Managing Director of Security and Safety in Brandenburg e.V. In addition, from 2011 – 2014, he was also board member of the Potsdam public transport (VIP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH). Furthermore, Hans-Wilhelm Dünn was a board member at two hospital corporations (Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann GmbH, Lausitz Klinik Forst GmbH) from 2014 - 2019. As Co-founder and President – previously Vice-president and General Secretary – of the Cyber-Security Council Germany e.V, he is chairman of the association’s Energy Hub and member of the eHealth Hub and consults operators of critical infrastructure about cybersecurity. He also initiated the association’s eHealth and attribution hubs, as well as a new initiative to give trust ratings to start-ups. He shares his expertise and experience at high ranking conferences and events and is often a contact person for TV channels or a guest author for several magazines, journals and scientific publications such as the Yearly Book on European Integration.