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10 Mar 2022

Akamai Is a Leader in Forrester New Wave: Microsegmentation

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Akamai Is a Leader in Forrester New Wave

Akamai was evaluated alongside eight other vendors in the microsegmentation space and ranked in 10 criteria, including product vision, interface and reporting, host agents, agentless aspect, product, and services support.

We started developing our microsegmentation solution in 2014 when we realized that static firewall rules were not the answer to the growing need for the granular, least-privilege access required to protect east–west traffic. That was how Akamai Guardicore Segmentation began. We built our solution at the process level with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, starting with groundbreaking visibility capabilities and moving on to automated enforcement, coupled with incident response and additional security features.

This year we have further expanded our product with ransomware prevention and containment capabilities as part of Akamai’s comprehensive Zero Trust portfolio.

During their extensive process, Forrester evaluated how the nine solutions, including Akamai, enable businesses to address the demanding components of microsegmentation. It was intensive, but also a lot of fun!

The microsegmentation market

Over the last few years, interest in microsegmentation has soared and we’re seeing that enterprises are approaching microsegmentation as a foundational part of their Zero Trust initiatives.

But this has not always been the case.

When the technology was first introduced, it was met with concerns mainly because its implementation was perceived as cumbersome and it required a lot of network rearchitecting. That is why simplicity has always been top of mind for us and we’re now seeing how the use of microsegmentation has shifted from a lofty security strategy to large-scale implementations. We believe this recognition from Forrester validates our focus on making microsegmentation simple to adopt across any environment, to allow companies to defend against advanced attacks like ransomware.

Akamai, a Leader in New Wave: Microsegmentation

TheForrester report stated the following about Akamai:
“Offers a flexible security tool that goes beyond just microsegmentation” — Forrester states, “Guardicore’s infinite tagging system and proprietary firewall solve the segmentation problem.” Unlike rigid approaches that force you into a limited set of labels, Guardicore’s proprietary firewall puts no constraints on labeling and tagging, and celebrates flexibility whenever possible.

“Is an excellent overall microsegmentation solution for IT” —  The Forrester report concludes, “Enterprises looking to deploy a host-based, granular network should look at Guardicore.”

Forrester evaluated the nine top microsegmentation vendors in the market, including security giants such as Cisco and VMWare, and also Illumio, ColorTokens, and more. We are thrilled to be a Leader in microsegmentation, having received a differentiated rating, the highest score possible, across seven criteria.
We believe this placement validates Akamai’s innovative approach to Zero Trust microsegmentation. We are proud to be recognized as a Leader in the Forrester New Wave report and look forward to continuing to lead with innovation and build on the foundation before us.

To learn more about how Akamai can help your Zero Trust microsegmentation, visit our website.
You can also read our press release to find out why Akamai is a Leader in the Forrester New Wave.

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