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  • The next wave of dominant companies in every segment will be data companies. This requires a data platform that drives the decisions of every employee and, just as important, powers data products. What are data products? A financial instrument, such as a credit card with a credit limit, can become a data product. Its competitive edge comes from crunching enormous amounts of data. Genomic sequencing is a data product. Finding life on Mars is a data product.
  • U.S. marketers have avoided errors that still cost European Retail and ecommerce tons of money, time and the trust of their customers, says David Raab, Marketing Strategist and Founder of the CDP Institute.
  • Why the time of crisis is an opportunity for you to become Agile and what you need to start your journey now. 
  • Philipp Ostermeier, Head of Strategy in Europe, KPMG in a Disruptive LIVE Interview
  • BARC-Gründer Carsten Bange im Gespräch mit Richard Allbert über digitale Strategien, den Daten-Goldrausch und die häufigsten Fehler, die Unternehmen auf dem Weg dahin begehen können.