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13 Apr 2022

Two To Three

Two To Three

Appearing at Cloud Expo Frankfurt 2022 is Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe. Isabell will be talking about what organisations could look like in five to 10 years – with the added caveat of if the organisations still exist.

Isabell's background is in management studies. “In a lot of my research, I have used in interdisciplinary approach from management, psychology and computer science.”

Currently, Isabell is doing research on predicting startup success  by integrating novel data sets obtained from various sources. “We are particularly interested in predicting the longer term development of startups looking at found team personalities and founder team interactions.” Another current field of research is about the blockchain and web3 space. “Here, we are exploring the components of web3 such as NFTs, DeFi, the Metaverse and how they will change the business models of existing firms. The 'Blockchainification' of existing firms is a particular interest of mine. How incumbent firms need to adapt their business, organisational and leadership in order to survive and thrive in Web 3.0.”

“Another current research topic is in researching the success factors of DAOs: Which launch characteristics, organisational design and governance and reward mechanisms are related to their growth and success.”


Organisation Survival

Returning to Isabell's forthcoming talk, she suggests that many organisations will go out of business in the next five to 10 years. In order to survive, organisations need to adapt their structures, processes and cultures to the new success factors, such as customer focus, innovating the way work and working together is organised. “Existing business models will be disrupted and an increasingly decentral economy (web3) will provide new opportunities for consumers and companies, such as smart contracts, DAOs, NFTS and tokens.”

“Web3 is particularly interesting for established organisations as it greatly reduces transaction costs and introduced the possibility of pseudonymous interactions. The business models of many companies are changed as they migrate the journey from web2 to web3.”


Value Potential

Commenting on the notable differences between web2 and web3, Isabell says: “The hallmark of web3 is its decentralisation, the possibility to transact value without intermediaries and the possibility for pseudonymity. These differences will lead to the creation of new business models and a redistribution of how any value generated is distributed between different stakeholders. There is a notable potential for all creators of original content to catch much more of the value generated in a web3 economy than was possible in a web2 economy.”

With respect to the future of web3, Isabell concludes: “When we compare the developments of web2 and web3, we see that web3 is today where web2 was in the year 1998. So I would expect increased adoption in the next 10 years.”


Join us at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt as Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe will host a session on the 12th of May, 13:40 - 14:10 at Digital Transformation Keynote Theatre. 


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