Konferenzprogramm 2022


Using Sovereign Cloud Stack to Achieve Digital Sovereignty

11 May 2022
GAIA-X Theatre

We have a decade behind us now, where we observe a recentralization of IT infrastructure. This is driven by superior paradigms of using automation to manage infrastructure, services and applications, which favors large platforms that have driven this paradigm shift: cloud platforms. Europe, being late to embracing innovative IT technology and having an economic structure that does not favor large companies as much, does not have any players that have significant market share in providing such platforms.

The risks are obvious — having hard to overcome dependencies on a small number of large overseas providers creates legal challenges (GDPR, Schrems, Cloud Act), strategic challenges, and disadvantageous economic power distribution.

There is a growing understanding in Europe that this trend needs to be reverted and make progress with digital sovereignty.

Taking advantage of the existing open-source technologies by selecting, integrating, testing, and operating them unfortunately requires a lot of skills. It is currently mostly done by brave DevOps teams in providers mostly in isolation from other providers.
Both we overcome with Sovereign Cloud Stack by orchestrating the collaborative definition and implementation of the platforms. We also ensure that operational topics (processes, automation) are in focus, as this is where we have seen major companies fail.

Kurt Garloff, Co-Leader / CTO Sovereign Cloud Stack - Open Source Business Alliance – Bundesverband für digitale Souveränität e.V.

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