Konferenzprogramm 2022


Using OpenNebula to Deploy Vendor-Neutral Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

12 May 2022
Cloud-Native, Open Source & DevOps Theatre

Born in 2008 as a pioneering IaaS solution, OpenNebula has become Europe’s first open source Cloud & Edge Computing platform. OpenNebula combines virtualization and container technologies with multi-tenancy, automatic provision, and elasticity to offer on-demand applications and services. Its new hybrid multi-cloud functionality, with HCI as the foundation, brings it all together delivering a single vendor-neutral hybrid solution that integrates your entire private, public and multi-cloud strategy. OpenNebula can combine both on-premises and remote infrastructure resources, offering a powerful middleware that guarantees interoperability, automation, and portability, and supporting a combination of virtualization technologies such as VMware, KVM, and LXC. Thanks to its native integration with Kubernetes, OpenNebula offers a versatile, but easy-to-use, alternative for simplifying the deployment of DevOps environments involving on-prem, public cloud, and edge resources. In this talk, we will present the new OpenNebula 6.4 and show how this ground-breaking open source technology can orchestrate different workloads across the whole Datacenter-Cloud-Edge continuum using resources on-demand from public infrastructure providers.

Alejandro Huertas, Cloud Engineer - OpenNebula
Michael Abdou, Customer Success Manager - OpenNebula

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