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Beyond Carbon Neutral: From Negative Footprint to Positive Handprint

12 May 2022
Multi-Cloud Strategies & Managed Services Theatre

With sustainability increasingly becoming a critical topic, in data center and hybrid cloud selection it makes sense to look north.

The Nordic benefits are undisputed, with great availability of green, affordable power and a cool climate, perfect for colocation and HPC. Finland provides the most stable environment both with regard to the environment, weather, geology and political stability. Finland is ranked #1 in United Nations 2021 Sustainability index, does not have rough weather and not prone to earthquakes. Additionally it is in the eurozone and has great connectivity to Germany. Ficolo provides a portfolio ranging from colocation and Multi-Cloud connectivity to a Cloud Management Platform with extensive cloud management and governance as well as DevOps. We can help you address hybrid cloud and hybrid networking challenges in a carbon neutral Dark Green way, unique to the industry.

Kim Gunnelius, - - Ficolo

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