Konferenzprogramm 2022


The safer journey to the Cloud; a better and easier way to secure your cloud with Arctic Wolf

12 May 2022
Cyber Security Theatre II

Global competition, increasing digitalization of business processes as well as agility and innovation are the main drivers for cloud usage. Just as every business is unique, so is their cloud journey. As organizations get into or evolve in cloud usage, new challenges arise often on day basis. Typically, these fall into three domains:

  • Secure configuration using preventive security controls
  • Monitoring of cloud components & their interaction
  • And incident response capabilities

Since preventive security controls cannot promise 100% security, both monitoring and incident response must be taken seriously. Especially in fast and agile cloud environments small issues can result in catastrophic consequences easily. Therefore, security best practices, governance, monitoring and incident response must be seamless geared to prevent security incidents, data leaks, chaos, and wild growth without slowing the down the cloud advantages and agility. Arctic Wolf helps you with these challenges and allows you to concentrate on your business as we cover your cyber security needs. This session explains the building blocks for cloud security and how Arctic Wolf ends cyber risk for cloud, onPrem and hybrid environments.

Fabian Lochmann, Lead Cyber Defense Consultant – EMEA - Arctic Wolf Networks Germany

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