Konferenzprogramm 2022


The rise of software-defined vehicles: A discussion about trends and technologies in future automotive platforms.

12 May 2022
Cyber Security Theatre I

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers traditionally come with a hardware-centric mindset where the development and combination of several electric control units (ECUs) long defined the security and functionality of a vehicle.

Not until the Internet era, vehicle manufacturers started to realize that the growing demand from customers for digital vehicle services increased the importance for more flexible software in automotive embedded systems. 

To achieve that, current car companies need to think more cloud- and software-centric in order to provide a base layer for what we so-call “the software-defined vehicle”; meaning less wiring and consequently less hardware, with more functions built into software. 

Fortunately, we see a trend towards more collaboration among software, hardware and vehicle manufacturers in the automotive industry. Just recently, Bosch and Microsoft announced their collaborative development on an open software platform to seamlessly connect cars to the cloud. Also (A) started a collaboration with (B) to achieve (C). In short, a mindset shift towards more flexible and collaborative software platforms has started in the automotive industry. 

Today’s panel brings together IT leaders from OEM, Tier-1, chip manufacturer and cloud provider to discuss the potential of software-defined vehicles in the automotive industry.

Robin Pilling, Founder - Dis3bute
Michael Wintergerst, Executive Vice President, Head of Vehicle and Cloud Platform - CARIAD, VW
Heiko Hüttel, Head of Automotive, Mobility and Transport EMEA - Microsoft
Christian Prehofer, Director, Corporate R&D - DENSO Automotive Germany

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