Konferenzprogramm 2022


Make your business more successful: Close the talent gap & diversify your team!

11 May 2022
Cloud-Native, Open Source & DevOps Theatre

Finding talents and diversifying your team can go hand in hand, with diverse teams having many benefits to a company's success. While this is common knowledge, many companies struggle to attract diverse talent that can contribute to the success while also having the needed technical skills. This session will provide insights into how a company can accomplish hiring targets by hiring from different and diverse talent pools. We will introduce Delivery Hero’s TECH Academy through which we helped them find talents and greatly diversify their team. You will learn about further ways of developing potential candidates into capable Cloud Architects, counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.

Annika Kolter, Career Success Manager & Team Lead & Partner Lead West - Digital Career Institute
Martin Walter, Managing Director - DCI - Digital Career Institute

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