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Diagnosis Runecast - Recognising problems before they arise

12 May 2022
Cyber Security Theatre I

Why do we humans go to the doctor? Probably what unites us here is the desire to get well again or not to get seriously ill in the first place. Various methods help to get to the root causes of any illness. For example, a complete medical blood count.

Tobias Pföhler is Director Channel Sales at Runecast and has been working in IT for over a decade. He acquired his knowledge of IT infrastructures (virtualisation, data centre, hybrid, edge and cloud) at leading providers.
Today he provides you with the big blood picture for your (hybrid) IT infrastructure. How you will master the day-to-day challenges, detect vulnerabilities even before they arise and be relaxed about compliance guidelines.
Let us surprise you and accept the "Runecast Challenge" today. 

Tobias Pföhler, Director Channel Sales - DACH

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