Konferenzprogramm 2022


Rediscovery of software development in enterprise IT @Audi

11 May 2022
Digital Transformation Keynote Theatre


In 2018, Audi IT has transformed from a business-orientated to a technology-orientated organization. By implementing agile methodologies, modern technologies could be used more efficiently. Strengthening the internal IT competences and an increased focus on core internal service provision (e.g. like software development, cloud platform and Data & AI) were a fundamental enabler to drive the change. How will the Change “back to tech” be successful and how will the Audi IT transform itself future proof?


Learning Outcomes:

  • Who’s the Audi IT and what’s part of Enterprise IT at Audi?
  • Why’s strengthening core internal service provision important to us?
  • How will the change “back to tech” be successful?
Frank Loydl, Chief Information Officer - AUDI AG

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