Konferenzprogramm 2022


Networking for the Cloud - enabling the Digital Transformation

11 May 2022
Cyber Security Theatre I
Between a cloud service provider and its users there’s a territory that is out of the provider’s control. That territory is the network and, no matter how good the cloud service is, the experience of its users will only be as good as the performances and the security of the network in between. In this presentation, we’ll describe the main aspects of the network implications of Enterprises journey to digitization, how they impact networking and security aspects and how SASE delivered as part of a global secure connectivity as a service can help the IT-transformation into the cloud. The presentation will take a customer example to cover networking trends, and how ngena unifies networking and security services into a cloud-delivered solution based on the ngena Connectivity Platform.
Dietmar Geiler, Chief Platform Officer - ngena

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