Konferenzprogramm 2022


Cloud-hosted Database Systems---An Easy Choice?

11 May 2022
Multi-Cloud Strategies & Managed Services Theatre

The last decade has brought forward cloud computing as a primary concept in IT operations. In the same time frame, we have further seen a massive movement away from single-node relational database systems towards various sorts of horizontally scalable distributed database management systems. Hence, the idea of running an endlessly scalable database system on endlessly available cloud resources is not far to seek. Yet, is it also a good idea?

This talk revisits different types of NoSQL database management systems, but also different configuration options popular database management systems offer. Then, we will look on the impact the cloud environment, workload, and the choice of configurations have on the performance of a cloud hosted database management system showing why it is important to choose your set-up wisely and holistically. We conclude with surprising insights into other non-functional properties such as scalability and elasticity.

Jörg Domaschka, Co-Founder / Researcher - benchANT / Ulm University

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