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Cloud Economics & FinOps in reality: How you can continuously budget & optimize your cloud expenses at scale – shown by two real world examples

11 May 2022
Digital Transformation Keynote Theatre

Many large enterprises are continuously adopting and moving workloads to public cloud. This leads to a significant growth of recurring cloud spend. But still, lot of organizations very often run into issues implementing cloud cost management and governance – resulting in uncontrolled growth of monthly bills to Hyperscalers.

Research shows that up to 1/3 of public cloud spend is not used efficiently and around 40% of resources are under below optimized utilization. Leveraging Cloud Economics & FinOps principles can realize and maintain up to 40% cost savings on average, month by month.

This session outlines two real Cloud Economics & FinOps examples how to continuously budget and optimize cloud expenses at scale. We will illustrate our insights to visualize and compare costs between private datacenters and Hyperscalers, to identify cost saving potentials and to enable a structured FinOps approach – resulting in a most cost-efficient public cloud usage.

Uwe Zabel, Enterprise Cloud Architect - Capgemini
Frank Keienburg, Director Cloud - Capgemini

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