Konferenzprogramm 2022


Agile? DevOps? – It is about lean operations, stupid!

11 May 2022
Cloud-Native, Open Source & DevOps Theatre

Most of us are already sick and tired of the words "DevOps" and "Agile". They are probably the most frequented terms currently used at strategy presentations, workshops or consulting meetings. And in theory, such concepts are quite nice. They promise speed, shorter product cycles and a rapid go-to-market. But if you think it's enough to get a Scrum Master in-house or set up Kanban projects, you're in for a surprise. Agile product development oftentimes just fails due to the established operational structure, where the traditional plan-build-run model has dominated many companies for decades.

In this presentation we will show you that there is another way. Based on the transformation of plusserver itself, we explain how agile product development and lean operations in established companies can become reality, how legacy must be dealt with in the process and why squad-based teams make the difference.

Florian Weigmann, CPO - PlusServer

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