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Cloud Computing for Profitable Growth

10 May 2023
Digital Transformation Keynote Theatre
Cloud Computing for Profitable Growth

Big hyperscaler clouds are not built with the needs of smaller, less well-resourced teams in mind. For product-building teams and small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have armies of IT people at their disposal, building on big tech clouds can pose significant challenges. In this session, Ado will discuss what a builder-focused cloud looklike, and how choosing the right cloud for your startup or SMB can help bolster profitable growth in the long-term.

Learning outcomes:

- What entrepreneurs and SMBs should consider when choosing a cloud partner

- Common cloud spend scenarios to look out for

- How startups and small teams can optimize their cloud usage for profitable growth

Overview: Cloud computing promised to make computing more accessible and affordable for a new generation of builders. It was meant to remove the roadblocks that entrepreneurs and developers face on their path toward building new applications and creating lasting digital businesses. Today, as enterprise-focused companies dominate the conversation around new cloud tools and infrastructure offerings, who is looking out for the entrepreneurs and smaller builders? As the cloud industry looks toward building for the enterprise, SMB-focused clouds like DigitalOcean still aim to be a partner to startups on the earlier end of their cloud journeys.

Ado Kukic, Director, Developer Relations - DigitalOcean
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