Innovation meets Transformation

08 Dec 2021
eco Congress

In this session, we will talk with our experts about innovations and digital transformation in business and politics, as well as trends and challenges for SMEs & big players.


• Impact and dynamics of the digital transformation in relevant economic sectors.

• Pathways for this development through visionary corporate culture and interdisciplinary approaches, with a view to developing new, sustainable business models.

• How political framework conditions can accelerate/promote innovation and strengthen the acceptance of the digital transformation for business and politics.

Oliver Süme, eco Chair of the Board - Board Member for Policy, Law & Regulations - eco Association
Christine Regitz, Vice President, Member of the Supervisory Board - SAP SE
Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Member of the Bundestag, Digital Policy Spokesperson of the SPD Parliamentary Group - Bundestag
Kristina Sinemus, Hessian State Minister for Digital Strategy and Development - Hessisches Ministerium für Digitale Strategie und Entwicklung